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RAIYEN Fielding

Title: Interim Varsity Head Coach | Assistant Head Coach Varsity


Alma Mater: Arizona State university (Currently Enrolled)

Raiyen played all through high school, primarily as an Opposite and Middle Blocker. She began coaching volleyball in 2016, working with a variety of age groups and levels on both the girls’ and boys’ sides.  In 2022, she joined forces with Coach Jim and together they helped a team of 15 year olds become the first 2s team in club history to earn a National Bid.


Raiyen coaches because she loves to help the kids reach their full potential in the game. She finds it extremely gratifying to watch them become the players she knows they can be, and to be a part of that transformation is amazing.  "Raiyen is not only an amazing person and coach, but she is one of the best blocking coaches I've ever met.  I personally watched our blocking stats nearly double due to her work with the team," said Coach Jim Van Wicklin.

When she’s not coaching, Raiyen is busy being a full-time student at ASU, where she studies Environmental Science. She hopes to work with sea lions and seals in a rescue/rehabilitation center. Her passions outside of volleyball include anything having to do with the ocean and animals!

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